Chef Talk: Matt Hoyle

  Executive Chef Matt Hoyle,   Nobu 57 Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Executive Chef Matt Hoyle, Nobu 57
Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Chef Matt Hoyle: veggie lover, coffee addict, Executive Chef at Nobu Fifty Seven since the beginning. Originally from the UK, Chef Matt started at Nobu London Old Park Lane in 1998. He also spent one season each cooking at Nobu Matsuhisa's sister restaurants, Matsuhisa Mykynos and St. Moritz to deepen his Nobu knowledge before coming to New York to open Nobu Fifty Seven in 2005.

Nobu-Style recently caught up with Chef Matt over locally-caught tilefish and farmer’s market vegetables, just as dinner service was starting at the busiest Nobu in the world.

N-S: Take us through a typical morning for you - how do you start your day?

MH: I make a pot of coffee and toast for my breakfast at home before taking my kids to the school. Then, I bike through Central Park (Harlem to Midtown) for work.

N-S: When you get to work, what’s the first thing you do?

MH: Go straight to the kitchen to say hello to the team. Then, I usually change into my chef coat and have an espresso.

N-S: There seems to be a coffee theme at play...we know you love vegetables too. We can’t get enough of your vegetable omakase dishes. Are veggies your all-time favorite ingredient?

MH: That’s a tough one to say my all-time favorite ingredient because I really love working with all of the basics: salt, soy, dashi, yuzu and then of course fresh fish and, yes, veggies.

  Photos by Henry Hargreaves

Photos by Henry Hargreaves

Steamed local tilefish with vegetables and house made tosazu sauce (soy, lemon and rice wine vinegar infused with bonito flakes overnight)


N-S: What’s your favorite dish to make and favorite dish to eat? 

MH: I nibble all day, constantly tasting our mise en place to make sure each dish is perfect and eating lots of vegetables as I go. My favorite dish to make is whatever I make tonight.

N-S: What’s the first thing Chef Nobu taught you?

MH: Don’t be late. 

N-S: Okay, what about the best thing Chef Nobu ever taught you?

MH: Have a passion to be your best…and don’t be late! 


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