Grand Cordon Winning Cocktail: The Sochata

The creamy, sweet, and delicious beverage Horchata has origins in Mexico and is enjoyed all throughout Latin America. Natives and visitors to the area alike enjoy this refreshing drink, sipping it to escape the heat. Typically made from rice, horchata is a beloved and comforting beverage that has notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

The Sochata cocktail, this month’s Grand Cordon winner, was inspired by the horchata, but with a Japanese twist. By adding soju, honey syrup, and Calpico, horchata can be appreciated in a whole new context. Angelo Cansino of Nobu Miami Beach created the Sochata, which is available at all US Nobu locations as of April 1st.

Posted on April 2, 2014 and filed under Beverage.