Ikaati Loose Tea Now at Nobu

Served in a traditional iron kettle and presented to your table, you and your guests can wrap up your evening over Nobu’s new Ikaati loose teas. What makes this tea special you ask? Well, there is a sense of cohesion and a focus on well-being throughout the menu with the unique and comforting flavors we offer, such as Nobu’s Signature shiso tea that brings forth the mild flavors of this Japanese herb. Looking for something with a stronger aroma? The Black Orchid tea gives off the natural essence of orange and vanilla mixed with the complexity of Keemun black tea.

Teas Offered:

Nobu Signature Tea

Nobu Yuzu Tea

Imperial Earl Grey

Black Orchid

Soothe Organic Chamomile Flower Blend

All teas are organic and are offered in limited locations. Please contact your local Nobu restaurant to learn if they serve Ikaati Loose Tea.

Posted on July 25, 2013 and filed under Beverage.