Exploring Budapest

Whether you travel to Budapest for business or for leisure, this vibrant city will intrigue you with its culture, diversity, and beauty. While the streets are filled with a deep history, this city promises to ignite a fire within you that opens your mind to an unforgettable experience. Our journey through Budapest will capture the essence of this city by introducing you to all the magic it has to offer.

Where To Stay

We begin our quest at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, which is not only the first five-star luxury hotel in Budapest, but the first Hungarian member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The Kempinski Corvinus has always been on the cutting edge of talent, which is why the hotel is known for its large art collection shown throughout every room of the hotel. The innovative approach the Kempinski Corvinus takes in all aspects has presented many opportunities, one of which being the home the home to Central Europe’s first Nobu Restaurant. The classic Japanese-Peruvian flavors that Nobu Matsuhisa has mastered is uniquely blended with Hungarian flare that makes it an incredible addition to the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest. Along with its history and tradition, the Kempinski Corvinus is at the heart of the city, allowing you to step out on Fashion street into the urban groove of Budapest.

What To Experience

Embark on time and style travel as artists of various times and genres capture reality, its sensibilities, and it’s impressions through the art in Budapest. The new Gold Museum pays homage to Asiatic cultures, the Ludwig is home to various forms of contemporary art, and a plethora of other museums and smaller galleries in Budapest are home to permanent and specialist collections. When it comes to performances in music and dance, the Kunsthalle Budapest, sometimes referred to as the Palace of the Arts, contributes to the outstanding musical landscape of Budapest, while the Budapest Opera House stages more than 50 performances a year.

Where To Shop

Fashion Street is the place to get your retail fix in Budapest, where you can stop into the store fronts of some of the world’s most recognized designers. For local offerings of both food and finds, wander through the Grand Market Hall and experience two floors of traditional Hungarian culture. Looking to shop for something more unique? Március 15-e tér is home to local designers and artists that share their gifts with the rest of this city through their antiques and collections of art. With a lot to be seen, the streets are filled with hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover them.

What To Taste

Fact: Coffee was first known to Hungarians before the rest of Europe. Indulge in Budapest’s bustling café culture and experience it first-hand! Enjoy the history and atmosphere of the café scene while treating yourself to the sweet treats from the local confectioneries. Next, savor signature Hungarian delicacies like goulash, plum pie and Tokaj wine in its countless restaurants and pubs. In the marketplace, stock up on various spices like Hungarian paprika to bring the cuisine of Hungary home with you. And don’t forget, the Kempinski Corvinus houses a Nobu restaurant so you can still indulge your Nobu cravings on your Budapest visit.

What To Remember

One thing is known to be true: the memories you will create in Budapest will last a lifetime. The culture, environment, and architecture that the city offers each and every guest is something to be treasured, and the beauty that Budapest exudes will leave you wanting more. 

Posted on January 22, 2013 and filed under Lifestyle, Food, Beverage.