Nobu Restaurants Turns 20

By Nobu Style Staff

The 20th Anniversary of an institution as influential as Nobu Restaurants deserves to be a memorable event—and so on September 17, guests gathered at the classic Tribeca Rooftop to be transported to a matsuri, or street festival, reminiscent of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's childhood in Japan.

Featuring stations of different foods inspired by Japanese street fairs (with a Nobu spin, of course) the 20th Anniversary party allowed guests to roam about a festival environment while enjoying world class cuisine.  Drawing on the idea that Nobu-style food was born from early influences in Nobu-san’s life such as Japanese street food, guests hopped from station to station, trying out treats like Curry Rice, Yakisoba, Yakitori, and Takoyaki, crafted by chefs from different Nobu restaurants. 

Taiko drummers did a performance as Nobu's friends from around the world soaked in the atmosphere. Guests were also treated to a sake ceremony: the traditional opening of a sake barrel that's been conducted at the official opening of every Nobu Restaurant location around the world.

Check out our slideshow for a tour of the festivities guest will not soon forget.

Posted on October 6, 2014 and filed under News, Events, Food.