Innovative cooking does not exist in a vacuum. It is influenced and inspired by its surroundings. Like any good chef, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa has been inspired by every city he has lived in. Whether it be Japan, Peru, Argentina or even the far reaches of Alaska, he has discovered and combined ingredients and techniques that have evolved into the award winning cuisine we know today as Nobu Style.

Over the years, we have gotten glimpses of what has inspired Nobu through his cook books and the occasional interview. But now, through this magazine, we hope to seek out the inner workings of the thousands of employees that make the restaurants and Nobu lifestyle possible. We will also examine and share with the world, what makes Nobu such an exciting and enduring brand. After all, there are 32 restaurants in 26 different cities around the world, spanning across five continents, and the numbers keep growing. Come join us as we explore what inspires each establishment, Nobu Style.